Smart that makes a difference.

Who is ecobee?

ecobee is most known for its smart thermostats that help conserve energy and improve comfort with eco+. With planet positivity at our core, we knew that growing our brand and product offerings would allow us to bring a greater impact to a larger audience.

After years of establishing ecobee with highly tech-savvy customers, we knew a rebrand was needed to reach a new audience and make the lives of busy families easier. To achieve this goal, we enlisted the expertise of in-house resources as well as best-in-class creative collaborators across various industries.  

We chose to view the expansion into whole home solutions as an opportunity to look at who ecobee has been and to focus and codify our best elements to bring ecobee to a new audience in a new way.

The journey begins.


In our reflection, we reconnected with one of our core elements, the squircle. The circle and square hybrid is the shape of our primary products and has been a source of inspiration. We like that this shape is unique, ownable, and adaptable.


The connection between the SmartThermostat and the letterform within the wordmark is clear. This helps us create a consistent visual identity that’s easily recognizable.


The new ecobee logo was designed to incorporate and highlight the squircle shape. It is comprised of the mark and wordmark with the logo at the core of the identity.

The Typography

Harmonizing form and function.

Each letterform in the proprietary typeface is built from the squircle shape. It’s used for the logo, sub-brands, and product names.

The Iconography

Building on the basics.

Icons accompany value propositions and features as a useful tool to add clarity and inject brand personality. They are also used to represent our product lineup and are grounded in our foundational squircle shape.  

More from ecobee’s icon toolbox.

The Tone of Voice

Writing and speaking with clarity.

When we speak as ecobee, our goal is to deliver an experience for consumers that aligns to their needs in the moment, to always deliver peace of mind with the right approach at the right time. That’s why our tone of voice is flexible depending on where a customer is in their ecobee journey.

Harmony provides a motivating voice encouraging calm with every interaction.

  • Personal
  • Calm
  • Encouraging  
  • Human

Elemental digs into the details and shares deep expertise.

  • Clear
  • Honest
  • Informative
  • Concise

Wonder will help with discovery, inspiring thoughts of possibility and potential.

  • Optimistic
  • Confident
  • Inspiring
  • Uplifting
The Tagline

Making an impact.

Part of the rebrand is the new tagline “Smart that makes a difference.” The goal was to differentiate how ecobee’s products are truly smart, and how they make improvements that have a big impact on the customer’s overall sense of harmony as well as a positive impact on the planet. This tagline was made to be used over multiple years and strengthened by modular campaign headlines that similarly start with “Smart that”.

Drives awareness to tell people in the simplest possible way that ecobee makes truly smart products that leverage exceptional intelligence.

Differentiates us within the crowded category of existing products that call themselves “smart” but aren’t really.

Says that ecobee products can bring positive change into your home and your life.

+ Speaks to our larger planet positive brand purpose by explicitly stating our desire to make a difference in the world.

The Colors

Taking inspiration from nature.

Inspired by the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, each of the main colorways in the ecobee palette has an identity that we can use to tell our brand story. The color identities are rooted in the positive emotion and connection with nature that we want customers to associate with ecobee.

Squircle Ecobee Squircle House

Carbon Neutral


Squircle Ecobee Squircle House



Squircle Ecobee Squircle House



Squircle Ecobee Squircle House



Squircle Ecobee Squircle House



The Photography

Capturing harmony.

ecobee focuses on high-resolution images of studio productions that utilize soft lighting and premium styling. Environments are tonal in our brand colors without being too “matchy”.  The overall effect is images that are calm and aspirational. The squircle can be found in all of our productions, either in the products or the sets.

The Layout and Grid

Designing everything in balance.

The grid allows us to build modular layouts in a flexible way that can be applied to almost anything. The consistency, order, and lack of ornamentation put a focus on the strength of the color palette, typography, and imagery, while providing a balanced, calm feel.

The Visual Effects

Delivering wonder.

These computer-generated videos depict the wondrous journey from chaos to harmony. With ecobee products at the center, each story starts in a deconstructed room in the home and then shifts to progress towards a calm and beautiful environment.

The Sonic Branding

Mixing natural and digital.

The ecobee audio identity is based on a combination of organic and digital elements. By layering synthetically created sounds with organic elements, like wood percussion and rustling leaves, we wanted to represent technology and humanity thriving together. Sound design is one area that is newer for branding, but we worked with the experts at AudioUX to carefully consider this important part of the customer experience.


Power On


Welcome Home



Smart that makes a difference.

Who is ecobee?

ecobee has chosen to grow with a thoughtful focus on its foundational elements. We believe this will create opportunities to be invited into more homes so we can further what has always been our mission: improving everyday life, while creating a more sustainable world. This is what we do and this is the difference we make. With brand, mission, and customer offering aligned like never before, we’re ready to deliver smart that makes a difference.